Who am I?

Hello! My name is Yeiner Fernández. I am a Software Engineer and I live in Medellín (Colombia) with my lovely wife and two beautiful kids.

I went through an interesting career as a Software Developer, started back in 2010, in 2019 I moved into Management for a period of 4 years; and just recently made the jump back into a Software Development role.

I love writing essays, most of them I usually write them for myself and never publish them. I write about my personal growth, stuff I learn through life experiences, and my (opinionated) view of certain aspects of daily life.

These opinions are usually greatly received by an amazing community that surrounds me in my daily life, which is usually populated by Software Engineers like myself, but that I consider can apply to any aspects of daily life no matter your career background. If anything of what I write resonates with you, definitely do get in touch! I’d be happy to chat about whatever is happening in your life.

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Exploring personal and professional growth, mental health, and the complexities of everyday life.


Software Engineer, Leader, Mentor.